Spring has Sprung

Spring Busy as bees

Spring is here, time to spring into action and make your property POP!

Yes that's right the long winter is over and it is time to pull out that even longer list of to-do's. No time to make your property look better than now, the snow has melted away the frigid temperatures are getting warmer and the sun is showing itself more. 

Before you know it leasing season will be here and your property will be inundated with new prospects for your leasing team. There is no better way to get someone excited about a new place to live than to give them new paint, fresh flowers and that recently cut grass smell. As the maintenance team these things are our job to do or as maintenance supervisor to plan and schedule at the earliest time.

As maintenance spring brings on many renewed task some that are annual and others a little less frequent. As a supervisor you should have been planning all these task into a preventive maintenance plan so can try to work into your teams day to day plan so you can as soon as possible so that it does not run into your your leasing season. At times when we don't plan the our strategy of personnel vs needs we become overwhelmed and tend to let what seems like the little or not as important task slip by. Soon we move onto the other task and forget to go back and then as we all know work orders and move-ins start creeping up and then our plans change. Here are some of the task you should be planning for in early spring.

  • Contact your landscaper for spring clean up and mulching, get in his rotation
  • Get your properties windows scheduled for cleaning
  • Choose your flowers and colors
  • Pressure wash all your surfaces get rid of your ice melt stains
  • Paint your patio rails, fences and hand rails
  • Freshen up your parking lot stripes and curbs
  • Gutters cleaned out?

It is always important to do these and all your other spring and pre-leasing season task and preventive maintenance as early as possible so you will be ready when you have a large number of turn overs and work orders this summer.

Good Luck and Happy Spring