Shop Organization

Organize your shop and learn how it can save your budget and save you time.

an organized shop
This shop is not bad, organizing will eliminate the clutter

Shop organization and inventory are two ingredients in a well-run maintenance team. The best time to organize a shop is early in the year, so you can reduce spending by saving on your budget early.

Once you decide to organize your shop, you should contact companies that offer organization services to get price quotes and be explained their system, so you will get an idea of the space you will save and plan the new set up of your shop.

I have found that Central Wholesalers Inc. has a very successful shop organizing inventory control program that saves you time by letting their team do nearly all the work. They assist with the initial shop clean out, set up new shelves if needed, remove old unnecessary parts and shelves, arrange new organization bins for holding parts and materials, fill the bins, and label them with the new scan able labels that help you keep track of inventory for you.

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No matter what type of property you have, the best choice for productivity you can make this year would be to understand and use an inventory control program to increase your value as a planner/supervisor and save your property money. Once you have your shop organized and your inventory control completed, you will find that there are different ways to set up and control your ordering, reduce over stocking, and stop redundant orders.

Establishing an ordering system with your sales rep or even simplifying your own ordering system by using the labels or part numbers on an order sheet that you can create or get from your sales rep will save you time that you can put toward planning or working on projects. Remember, an organized shop is an important part of a well prepared maintenance team.