To Salt or Not To Salt

a salted sidewalkShould you use rock salt? Is it safe to use rock salt? Ice Melt is constantly changing because there are always newer, safer, or faster mixture types that are being created.

Ice Melt’s composition can be made up of various chemicals and ingredients, such as sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, or calcium chloride. They may even have a mixture of calcium magnesium acetate or other mixes, which assists in preventing corrosion. Some ice melt mixtures have a coating or additive to also accelerate the melting process.

For example, Halite is a common type of salt that is used for residential and municipal ice melting. It is frequently referred to as rock salt or sodium chloride. No matter what brand it is, if it is a salt and if it is used in excess, you will sooner or later see the effects on the concrete or pavement it is being used on, which could result in an unappealing look to your community.

Some of the largest effects of using any mixture containing salt are the effects on streams, lakes, and groundwater. Let’s not forget that the salt that melted the ice and snow will be carried with the runoff water. Once the ice melt has completely melted the ice and snow, the runoff water will drain into the nearest sewer or soak into the ground. When the water soaks into the ground, the salt can kill or damage all vegetation by cutting off oxygen to their roots. Not only can using ice melt made of salt result in damaging your concrete and pavement, but it can also kill the vegetation and affect the bodies of water around you.

In order to determine which ice melt will work best for yourself, your environment, and your location’s vegetation, it is best to order your ice melt early before the season. This will allow you to have a larger selection to choose from and allow you to have the opportunity to stock up in abundance. Always try to order in excess so you don’t get stuck having to “ take what you get” once suppliers are out of what you want and leave you with the most expensive option, environmentally harmful option, or no option at all due to being out of stock. Even when you are working on a budget, you can still make good choices for your property as long as you purchase the materials you need in advance.

So remember, when you start looking for ice melt look early choose wisely and choose the right type. Even if it is out of stock, allow it go on back order, so you will be the first to get delivery when a new shipment arrives. Also, remember, if you order a large quantity and you have a mild winter or don’t use all of your ice melt, put it on your preventive maintenance checklist so you can rotate stock and break it up quarterly. Make the best choice for your budget, property, and the environment