About Maintenance911.com

electrical maintenance worker

Maintenance911.com has been inspired by maintenance people and is focused on maintenance men and women alike. We are working to make Maintenance911.com the ultimate tool for any and every maintenance person that needs any kind of help, as well as the maintenance person who is willing to lend their fellow maintenance person a helping hand or word of insight or inspiration. 

Our experience has taught us that just like us there will always be someone with a question as there will also always be someone there that wants to help answer that question. We don’t have all the answers, but we will have many of them.

Our most important goal here at Maintenance911 will always be to have the right tool for a maintenance person to do their job to the best of their ability, second to build a network of maintenance people that will redefine the meaning of teamwork.

The focus here is like no other website, it is and will always be “Maintenance.” If you have a suggestion, a question, a new vendor, a document, or even a blog that you want to share let us know or send it to info@maintenance911.com. We will check it and if it is appropriate and of quality we will put it in the proper place.

Remember that becoming a member gives you access to most all features on the website with the exception of posting a blog or a video, you can send those to info@maintenance911.com.

We are not trying to replace resources that your company may offer, but we want to give everyone any information we can find that may help with your daily job.

If you have a suggestion for improvement of this website and the resources it provides, please click on the blue "We want your feedback!" link below to expose a short web form where you can reach us.