To Salt or Not To Salt

a salted sidewalk

Should you use rock salt? Is it safe to use rock salt? Ice Melt is constantly changing because there are…  
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Make Ready’s! Using A List May Help Nail Those Details

An apartment turn or make ready is the process of preparing an apartment for someone to move in. At this…  
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The Responsibilities of a Maintenance Team

  Multi-housing communities can only manage appropriately with a well-run maintenance department. Maintenance is and always will be the backbone…  
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Training your Team and Ways to Get Your Team More Training

Looking for ways to Train you’re Team?? This series may help you find ways and people who can help! Pt.1…  
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Finding an Electrician for all your Community Needs

 Electrical Problem??? Too Big or Too Complicated to do in House? Find the Right Contractor/Vendor to Handle Them!! An electrical…  
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Leasing Season, Biggest Team event of the Year

Every year each property has their leasing season most of time this season is during the summer maybe starting a…  
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troubleshooting electrical problems

Troubleshooting is a form of problem solving, often applied to repair failed products or processes. Troubleshooting can be considered an…  
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Spring has Sprung

Spring is here, time to spring into action and make your property POP! Yes that’s right the long winter is…  
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Shop Organization

an organized shop

Organize your shop and learn how it can save your budget and save you time. Shop organization and inventory are…  
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