Finding an Electrician for all your Community Needs

 Electrical Problem??? Too Big or Too Complicated to do in House? Find the Right Contractor/Vendor to Handle Them!!

An electrical problem or project can make life around your property difficult and full of stress and incomplete work orders. But finding an electrician who is experienced, trustworthy, and skilled can be just as stressful.

Some of us here at Maintenance911.com have used and have recommended many electricians over the years. We have decided to use Hawkins as an example of what makes a trustworthy and skilled electrical service company that is experienced in the multifamily industry and is respected by many in Maryland and on the east coast.

Hawkins Electric Service, Inc has been around for about 100 years, and we’ve seen practically every electrical problem that exists- we’ve handled every one of them.

We handle everything from a burnt out light socket, to installing a brand new electrical systems to designing and inputting an outdoor lighting scheme. We are very experienced in commercial service and multifamily dwellings; we can help most service techs, managers and owners solve the most persistent problems.

In the multifamily industry, we have many old buildings of all types that give us all types of problems, many times we repair the problem to the best of our ability but in no time the same apartment with another electrical problem or a call back for the same issue. One thing that can make your life miserable and cause refinance problems is Aluminum wire. If you have aluminum wiring or unsure of your wiring and you are in Maryland and would like fast, trustworthy, certified and capable help with Copalum repairs contact Hawkins. If you are in another area contact a trusted electrician but make sure they are certified in what your needs are.

No matter how big or small the job, you can expect a responsible, fully trained Hawkins professional to show up on time to solve your problem. We won’t rest until the job is performed to your satisfaction. Hawkins can also train your service techs on job safety and safe electrical repairs at your location or theirs. (Most training classes are free)

With a complete fleet of trucks, we’re able to cover the DC and Baltimore Metro area- and when we walk onto your property, you’ll realize that you’ve hired a professional company.

Professional…. Capable… Friendly….That’s what Hawkins Electric Service is all about!!

Hawkins Electric Service 877-927-0900   www.hawkinselectric.com

                                                                                                                         By: Todd Shatzer

                                                                                                                                M911 Admin