Training your Team and Ways to Get Your Team More Training

Looking for ways to Train you’re Team?? This series may help you find ways and people who can help! Pt.1


For service technicians, there is a multitude of various types of training. There is and always will be training classes or a training course somewhere that will help someone do their job better, safer or more detailed. 

Most management companies have online Colleges or Universities that is geared to help everyone in the company with something. Most of these universities are designed to ensure that you first get all the safety and Fair Housing classes that are required and then helps bring all staff members into the digital age. Meaning that for maintenance our world has more computer enabled equipment and for office staff less pen and paper and more computer and mobile technology.

The majority of apartments still are for the most part good old style maintenance that is all hands on hard work. Most maintenance persons still work in all phases of maintenance on a daily basis, i.e., plumbing, electrical, HVAC and paint, but some properties are becoming automated and don’t need to be as hands-on for some of the systems. 

Training can come from many different sources that are qualified and would jump at the opportunity to conduct training on-site or at their facility, here are some the possible places to seek training.

  • Maintenance supply companies
  • Sprinkler repair companies
  • Electric repair companies
  • Flooring companies
  • Painting contractors
  • Apartment associations
  • Webinars


Training should be an ongoing routine just like you have a daily routine; training should be treated the same way so you can keep you and your fellow team members up to date on how to do your job safer and better. This article is the first in the line of training articles, so start taking a few minutes a day to learn or practice anything that will help you with your job­. Give a few minutes to teach someone something new or send us an idea or subject for training that we can help you with.

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Work Smarter, Not Harder


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