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Maintenance Supply Headquarters

As the saying goes “all good things (must) come to an end.” Yes, it is true that Central Wholesalers will be closing their doors to reopen as "MSH" Maintenance Supply Headquarters. The merger of these companies is going to bring 40+ years of experience to the multifamily industry and open the door for expansion to many more markets across the country.

From what I hear there will be some changes in what services are offered, and it will also mean some changes in orders and deliveries. I don’t want to make any incorrect statements, so the best thing you could do is contact your current rep or go to for any other inquiries. For those of you have used either of these companies over the years know how great the service has been, for those of you who have never have, or maybe some of you have in the past you should check them out again I bet you will become a new customer again.